What do I need to bring to my first visit?

You will need to bring your referral letter, Medicare card and health insurance details along for your first consultation.

Do I get a Medicare rebate for my first consultation?

Yes. We are able to lodge your claim to Medicare directly and you will receive the rebate into your nominated bank account.

What are your fees?

Please contact our office and one of our secretaries will be happy to help with any fee inquiries.

What do I need to take to hospital on the day of my procedure?

Please make sure you take your hospital consent for treatment form with you to the hospital.

Do I need to fast for my procedure?

Yes. If you are having a laparoscopic procedure and are having a Bowel Prep, you will need to fast from the commencement of the Bowel Prep. If you are having a hysteroscopic procedure only, you will need to fast from midnight the night before your procedure. You may have water until 4 hours prior to your procedure.

What should I do if I experience pain or other symptoms that concern me after my procedure?

If you have any concerns after your procedure, you can contact our office and we will advise what to do. If we are closed you can contact your local GP for an appointment or advice. If it is a genuine emergency, you should present to the Emergency Department.

Will Dr Tronc insert a Mirena IUCD in his consultation rooms?

Yes, under certain circumstances. A Mirena can be inserted only if the patient has had a previous vaginal birth. Dr Tronc will still insert a Mirena for a woman who has not had a vaginal birth, but this will be performed under a brief general anaesthetic in day surgery.